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borrowed and never returned, emotions, books, outlooks on life... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
mythical ethical icicle trycle

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A box or a bag [Mar. 22nd, 2011|04:59 am]
mythical ethical icicle trycle
So I was thinking about how I do not fit into anyones preconcieved "box" of how a person should be. I exist in a flexiable Christina shaped bag. But why would I want to be confined by anything? Box or bag it is still confining. And if its a bag someone could be tring to kidnap you! The you that you are suposto be is being kidnaped by other peoples preconcieved notions! Eeeek! Run, fly, be free!
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Oh life of mine, you are interesting! [Mar. 16th, 2011|11:36 am]
mythical ethical icicle trycle
Channels of communication seem to be opening up for me lately.
I finaly got through to my dad about how his political rants are very depressing to me because he is very intense about it, but I do understand that he dose it because he cares and wants me to know what to look out for since the world is a nasty place.
I also had an interesting interaction with a girl I went to elementary school with. I thought she didn't like me and was surprised and a bit skeptical when she added me on fb recently. At the well thoughtout advise of my best friend I gave the girl another shot and added her. She is now a mom of a cute wee one and she recently posted something against bullying. I felt that she had picked on me in school and on a whim I sent her a message about it. She at first had forgotten about it and was almost insulted but we both approached it as adults and she appologised and I came to the understanding that she was just a silly kid. She infact told me that she had always liked me and looked up to me and that the only reason she would have the confidence to make up a song about me and sing it was due to her liking me. It is kinda an odd logic but I do understand on some level, at that age (this was in 5th grade) kids do not know how to properly express themselves, like when I was a little girl who liked a little boy but only hit him instead of telling him. We all grow out of this and become decent adults. And my bestfriend was right on another count, I did find a cool person in this girl who I thought hated me as a kid.
There have also been a number of enlightening conversations with coworkers and customers at work. It has been quite refreshing.
The wedding plans are also progressing well. This thursday I will send off the last of the invitations. Mom and Dad have both agreed to walk me down the aisle together. They have even both said for me to ask them for whatever I might need. I have to find a day I can meet with my friend who is making my cake to get her cake pans and to taste cake and I need to meet with my friend who is making my dress. Oh so much to still do and a little over 4 months to do it all in! Joy!
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Healing and planning [Mar. 3rd, 2011|11:17 am]
mythical ethical icicle trycle
I finaly did it! I finaly got my leg taken care of. I went into a chiropractor and had 3 adjustments and massage and accupuncture. My leg is straight for the first time since I was 17! Its difficult to try to relearn how to use my leg. There are things I had gotten used to doing that I have to learn how to do differently now. It's quite surprising how a slight angle to the leg can make such a difference. For example dance moves, there are some I have to figure out the angle on, that and some are just to painful right now so perhap a little later on I will find them easier to do. The heat therapy has been my best friend! I've been using a heat pad, especialy to get to sleep. Atleast I only woke up once last night as opposed to the pervious nights where I woke up at least 4 times each since this work was done. I am greatful to be on a positive path to healing. Hopefuly I will get full strength in my leg soon. I'm tired of randomly falling over.
Another thing that is finaly done is the wedding invites are addressed! Well, the ones we have addresses for, the rest have names atleast. But if people don't want to send me their address its no stress to me, just means less people at the wedding which I would prefer! One thing with planning a wedding that I find frustrating is the well meaning relatives that will practicaly dround you in sugestions and close those comments with "but this is your wedding, it's your decision." Which means when I tell you "No" for the 3rd time, perhaps you should stop sugesting it, eh? But atleast people care. And the plans are going well. Now we need to sort out who is going to marry us. It was going to be my cousin but to do so I have to figure out if she can validly marry us in Washington state since she was ordained in California in the 70's. More recently Chris' dad got ordained and since he and Chris are quite close and Chris is the last of the 4 to get married we are going to have him marry us. I'm sure my cousin will understand I just need to get a hold of her to let her know our change of plans. Plus Chris' dad lives in our area and my cousin is accross the state. Oh still so much to do before July 29th! It's coming so fast! Eeeeeek! I'm so excited! :)
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pain, pain, go away! [Feb. 20th, 2011|12:18 pm]
mythical ethical icicle trycle
It's a bit frustrating being almost 30 and suffering great pain due to an injury I gave my self out of teenage carelessness. Yoga, dance, massage & pilates help keep the pain at bay. Sadly I am not as constant with those as I should be. There are times where pain and or depression stop me from doing what I should to be healthy. These are not excuses, simply facts. This past week I finaly went for my first consultation at a chiropractors office. They gathered my info and did a nerve scan and flexiability test. The scan shows how unballanced my back is. All the muscles on the left side at pulling alot of tension off of the right side which is where I feel all the pain. Yesterday at work I was looking for ibuprofen since aspirin generaly dosen't agree with me. A co-worker had a muscle relaxer and said she could work just fine after taking one. So I took it and a chain reaction ensues. Some muscles become too relaxed and others tighten up to compensate. I was having issues walking and talking so I got sent home early. I have a follow-up massage on tuesday and acupressure(or puncture, still haven't made up my mind) at the chiropractors office and I shall see if I would like to continue treatment with them or take the info and go find someone else to treat me. I would like to be optimistic and say that being more diligent with the exercise will help me out and I won't need the chiropractic work, but over 10 years of pain up and down my right said is enough. I just hope the chiropractor can help me since I have no clue what else I can do.
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(no subject) [Feb. 19th, 2011|06:41 am]
mythical ethical icicle trycle
yesterday I got hit on quite directly at work. he asked for my number, he asked if I was seeing anyone, he asked if I might be interested later on. I told him I was engaged but thanked him for the compliment. he said my fiance is a very lucky guy and I told him he knows it! it was sweet and flattering especialy since I usualy have no clue when someone is hitting on me. I think they are simply having a conversation.
that same day I had a customer come looking for a documentary on a girl who designed the Vietnam war memorial who was of Asian decent and how other Americans were offended despite her talent. I told him that while I couldn't relate directly to her story I could relate in a way since my step-grandmother is Japanese and she and her family were put in internment camps in the US and lost almost everything. Most people see me and think I am just a white girl and wouldn't possibly be able to comprehend anything someone who is not white would experience. This is very untrue. I feel as if my brain is a melting pot since I have grown up around so many different cultures. I've also experienced discrimination in many ways in my life. it is not easy being a pagan in a christian society. and I would go on but it looks like its time I get ready for work.
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Life is good! [Feb. 15th, 2011|12:14 pm]
mythical ethical icicle trycle
Things are still progressing quite well. Life, wedding plans, everything! Well, just about everything, but I am tring to be more positive.
Saturday before last Mom, Kat and I went to a wedding expo. It was way more fun then I thoguht it would be. We got to sameple cake, cupcakes, cookies & these lovely cake truffles that were so gooooooooooood!!! We also got free masages and Mom and I signed up for a massage/acupuncture(they said there's a way without needles)/chiropractic special. the actual appointment is tomorrow, I hope they can fix my leg! I'm tired of pain!
Work has been going well. It's finaly slowed down from the holidays. The only down side to this is since there are fewer customers there are fewer hours. There is also the fact the cd's & dvd's aren't selling as well as they once were. Customers keep asking whats going on. All I can say is if people don't buy there is no incentive for the retailer to keep the product in the store. But like I said the slow time is nice since it gives time to get things done.
This past saturday I found out my regular bus will not get me home if I try to catch it at 5pm. While I was waiting for Mom to take me home I met a 17 year old foster kid who was out looking for work and was waiting for the same bus I would have taken home. I let him know he missed the last bus. Later when Mom got me I told her about him and she offered to give him a ride so I went and found him in the mall and we took him home. He was a black kid and I bring this up only because another black man indirectly called me racist about a week before because he was peeling tags off blu-ray's and I went up to him and said "Please don't do that" which caused him to go off to the point that another customer left my department and found a co-worker of mine and told her I needed help. It's sad that depending on the persons outlook me just doing my job can be seen as racist. I have asked white people the exact same thing I asked him. I like people for how they treat people not how they look. It's silly to do otherwise since you will miss out on alot of very nice people that way, like the foster kid I found at the mall.
I wish I could have been in California on sunday 2/13. Three generations of Bjornson's gathered to celebrate our greataunt Norma's 90th birthday, which was 2/14. I miss my family alot. Since I'm not a big fan of the phone I don't call so I'm quite out of touch with them. I hope many of them can make it to my wedding this July. If not Chris and I are going to California on our honeymoon and will visit family and friends who couldn't make it up for the wedding. Chris is also going to see how he likes California and we are both going to see if we can find jobs and if all goes well we may move down.
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too early! [Jan. 31st, 2011|07:15 am]
mythical ethical icicle trycle
while i am getting used to opening at work it still throws me off when they want me to close... i have enough issues sleeping... but what dose the scheduler care? all hes looking at is numbers, not people... but atleast im getting hours... hopefuly it wont be too terribly much longer before i can go back to school so i can get a real job!
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planning, planning, planning! [Jan. 28th, 2011|01:21 pm]
mythical ethical icicle trycle
the date; July 29th 2011
the event; Chris & Chris' wedding
plans are progressing nicely.
we have our site booked. it will be at Manchester State Park in the Torpedo Warehouse, which is alot nicer then it sounds.
we shall send out inveites in Febuary since funds got tied up this month. hopefuly Chris will have all his addresses by that point. but if not we can work with it.
I have my gifts picked for the birdesmaids. Chris is still not caring about the groomsmen deatails. or much to do with the wedding either. he is excited, dont get me wrong, he just told me to do whatever I want. tho if something is totaly out of what he can accept he has veto power.
we have our caterors, our baker and a chocolate fountain we can use.
there will be poi, boffer fighting and perhaps live music, that is if the park will let us.
I have so many ideas swimming in my head and still so much to do.
so very, very, very excited!!!!!!
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something I've been tring to figure out [Jan. 26th, 2011|08:19 am]
mythical ethical icicle trycle
I've been tring to be a "bigger person" and just "let it go" but you know what, it buggs me that i put effort into making friends with people and many dont seem to care... i know, we dont get along with everyone, but comeon! or it could just be this area... i have had alot harder time making friends since moving up here... washington people just dont relate in the same way that california people do... they seem to think that if you have a problem you had better keep it to yourself, if you talk about it there is something wrong with you... the way i grew up relating to people is to share my experiences with them, be they bad or good... somehow that just dosent seem to fly... ive also been told im too negative... being positive is very hard... i am bipolar and was raised around alot of negative people so its very easy for me to slip into the negative thinking mode... i also have alot of interests that alot of other people just dont care for... so it supose the issues is not relating in the same manner and not having similar interests... there are also times where i feel i am too out there for the "normal" people and too close to normal for the so called "freaks." ofcourse dont get me wrong, i have made some wonderful friends who i love dearly... i guess i just wish my efforts would bear fruit more often... perhaps thats just life... you keep tring till you either find success or try something else...
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new year is almost here! [Dec. 27th, 2010|10:17 am]
mythical ethical icicle trycle
this will be the year of the rabbit.
this will be my last 6ish months of being christina bennett!
as of january 29th chris and i will have been together 6 years!
as of july 29th chris and i will be married and i will be christina bergman!
i am hoping to be better at letting go and going with the flow this year.
as always i strive to be more positive.
i welcome posivite, inspiring, nuturing people into my life!
i hope i can get certin things cleared up so i may be back in school by the end of 2011.
i will have and do have a wonderful life!
i am looking forward to a wonderous new year full of many changes and general good things and times!
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