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2 weeks & a day! - borrowed and never returned, emotions, books, outlooks on life... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
mythical ethical icicle trycle

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2 weeks & a day! [Jul. 14th, 2011|09:43 am]
mythical ethical icicle trycle
on the 29th I will marry my love! I'm so very looking forward to this day! he is my true love, my other half, my balance, my wonderful man!
the planning is going well.
I'm tring not to stress, but, since my love is quitting smoking he's not as calm as he usualy is to help balance me out. but we are still doing quite well compared to others in the same situiation.
it has been such a relief that all friends and family involved in the wedding have been wonderfuly supportive and helpful. we have friends making all the food and I meet with all of them over the past couple of days to finalize the planning and even taste cake! I'm going out to Mom's this weekend to make Chris a shirt, we still need to get him pants and shoes, but atlease we now know what he is going to wear! I still need to set up a time to get together with my henna artist to get the wedding mendhi done. and most importantly we need to get our papers and complete our vows!