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I understand why brides go crazy - borrowed and never returned, emotions, books, outlooks on life... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
mythical ethical icicle trycle

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I understand why brides go crazy [Mar. 29th, 2011|05:31 am]
mythical ethical icicle trycle
Planning a wedding would be so much easier if all the family I talk to about it for planning would NOT try to tell me what to do! This is my wedding, my so-called "Big day" so let me have it the way I want it! First there is my mom tring to invite more and more people each time I talk to her about the wedding (I'm already VERY nervous about standing before all those people as it is, I don't need more, honestly I'm hoping not everyone I invited can make it). Chris' aunt who since she is single and went to art school has all these crafty ideas about what she thinks a wedding should be like. Now atleast Mom and Chirs' aunt will close their statements with "... but this is your wedding so its your decision." What really surprised me was Chris' dad's reaction to some of the things we want to do and some of his ideas were presented in a way where he seemed to expect us to change our minds based on what he wants. That is not the way this is going to go! This is our wedding, just us 2 Chris'. Others are people we are inviting as guests and sure some of them will help with the ceremony and other details (which we truly appreciate, don't get me wrong) but it is simply a day about the 2 of us so they just need to let us do what we want. Besides I have enough stress tring to throw this entire thing together I don't need more! On a lighter note I have the material for my dress and Chris' shirt plus a bunch of decoration and hair piece stuff from the fabric/craft store sitting ready to become something else. I guess I need to be a little thicker skinned or just get better at brushing things off. It is a work in progress just like all of life.