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Yesterday Chris and his dad picked me up from work and we took a trip… - borrowed and never returned, emotions, books, outlooks on life... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
mythical ethical icicle trycle

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[Apr. 3rd, 2011|07:31 am]
mythical ethical icicle trycle
Yesterday Chris and his dad picked me up from work and we took a trip to Longship Trading Goods to see miss Cora or Thora (whoever she wants to be at the time) for her to show us some rings for the wedding. She later offered to buy our rings for us as a wedding present. We found some very nice rings that don't appear to match at first, but really do match if you look at them the right way and they both suit us both as people. Cora also told us if we ever split up she would have to kill us both since she likes us both. It's nice to feel loved! She also told me that she was using our relationship as an example of why she is waiting for the right one. Not that she wants our exact type of relationship, rather she is looking for the person who works best with her just like Chris and I work together. Later Chris told me that he has had some of his friends try to model their relationship off of ours and he has had to explain to them that what we have is not something you can force to happen, sure it takes work to maintain, but its just so natural for us to be together, it's a little hard to explain exactly, but when you find it you know its something else. It is nice to be able to look back now to when I was the single one who thought I might not find my love and to be able to pull from that experience to help others gain hope that they too can one day find their love.